How To Shoot A Perfect Sunset: Shoot Through Your Car's Windshield!

2013-05-07 4

Did you ever ride a car or public transport in the afternoon, see a beautiful sunset, but can’t pull aside for shooting it from outside the car? Just shoot it through your windshield!

Sunset is one of the most interesting things to Lomograph, but sometimes it happens when you are traveling in a car… you can tell the driver to stop and step outside, or you can just shoot it through the windshield!

(Notes: don’t do this if you are the one who’s driving, just don’t)

The windshield doesn’t add a bad affect to your photos, even in some conditions, it adds an awesome effect to your photos when you shoot a sunset because the windshield works as a filter for your camera

Here are my photos, I used a Lomography La Sardina loaded with Fujifilm Superia 200

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  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Great article, speaking of adding a filter, I wrote a tipster about that-…

  2. abecd
    abecd ·

    @110isnotdead sorry._. i didn't know that._.

  3. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Don't be sorry :) I loved your article and the shots you got. It reminded me I gotta start using that trick again :))

  4. abecd
    abecd ·

    @110isnotdead thanks:)

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