My La Sardina: My Love at First Snap

2013-04-26 1

Here is the story of my first analogue camera; my La Sardina and I.

I started harboring interest in lomography under the influence of my brother. He kept a healthy (or rather, unhealthy – well it’s how you see it to be honest) obsession with analogue cameras. I remembered the walls of his room being an amazon of printed analogue photographs. At the mere age of 12, snooping around his room to stare at the walls and pick on his cameras was my favorite pastime.

My La Sardina was my first analogue camera I ever possessed. It was a birthday gift to me, from me, and probably the most I had spent on a can of sardine.

When I first got my sardine can, I could not stop bringing it along everywhere I go. I religiously obeyed Lomography Rule No. 1: Bring your camera everywhere you go! I guess I was too enthralled to leave it lying around the shelves. The black and white patterned beauty soon became my best accessory. With the possession of my La Sardina, I started paying attention to the little details of my surroundings.

I observed the crack on the sidewalk everyone stepped on but never cared about, the particular cloud that looked like an upside down submarine and I hope this does not sound creepy – I even noticed the tiny birth mark on a stranger’s neck I crossed path with in the train. I saw everything that I would have never saw, if I wasn’t constantly looking out for something to snap.

Sadly, my immaculate relationship with my La Sardina ended all too soon. It was wrecked in a moment of careless. I would like to extend my gratitude to my La Sardina for all the things she has captured; the great, the good and even the bad, underexposed and shaky ones. Thank you for being a part of the journey in documenting my life.

RIP Domino, all hail Moonassi!

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  1. michellejones4
    michellejones4 ·

    What happened to it?

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