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2013-04-29 4

The Smena ancestral line dates back to the early 1950s and was originally created by LOMO as a way to make photography accessible to young, hard-working Soviets.

The Smena 35, last in line of the Smena cameras, is a 35mm viewfinder camera produced by LOMO PLC between 1990-93. With it’s uncoupled shutter it’s an ideal camera for multiple exposures.

Tech Specs:

  • Made at Lomo PLC in the former USSR
  • Production between 1990-93
  • Quantity: 839.109 units
  • Plastic Body: 190g
  • Lomo Triplet 3 element coated 40/4 lens
  • Focal range: 1 to 10 metres + infinity
  • Flash Hotshoe
  • Fully manual exposure and focus settings with weather icon guides
  • Shutter speeds from 1/250 to 1/15, with “B” for unlimited long exposures
Credits: hey_god, adam_g2000, riki_87, mcrstar, pan_dre & little_porcelain

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    omg this is such a beaut !!!!! where can i find this ?? O_O

  2. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ! ¡!¡!¡1111¡1111¡¡¡¡!!!

  3. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    this camera makes me fall into the world of Lomography. ;)

  4. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I just purchased one earlier this month and am waiting for my first test roll to come back from the processor.

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