Lomopedia: Lubitel


The name “Lubitel” roughly translates to “Amateur” . Like the Komsomolets, it was produced in Bakelite. And just for kicks – a Chinese copy of this original Lubitel emerged in 1961 under the mysteriously hilarious name, “Changle.” .

The successor to the Komsomolets has one major innovation – as inspired by the 1938 Voightlander Brilliant – a coupled gearing to connect the taking and viewing lenses, allowing each to be focused in sync. It’s shutter had a larger range of speeds, and it’s shooting and taking lens both opened up to a nice n’ bright f/2.8 and had a wider angle of view

Technical Stats:

  • Produced 1949 – 1956 / Over one million units
  • Central shutter “ZT-5”: 1/10 – 1/200s
  • T22 75/4.5 taking lens (coated), 60/2.8 viewing lens
  • Film Format: 120
Credits: jandra, sinvertigo, weidong, japsix & saidseni

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