Lomography Color Tiger 200 ISO 110: Tiny Cat with a Huge Roar!

2013-04-30 1

110 is back! A very small and portable film format extinguished for some years now, comes back from the dead and with a new a brilliant furry coat. Let me tell you something, this tiny film cartridge packs a huge roar. Read all about it after the jump.

Images via Lomography Online Shop and Lomography 110 film microsite

I remember one of my first cameras looked something like this and it was a 110 camera given to me by my grandfather. 110 film got discontinued on 2009 and it wasn’t until last year when Lomography brought it back to life.

The Lomography Color Tiger 200 ISO 110 was the second 110 film brought back to life (after Lomography B&W Orca 100 ISO 110) in 2012.

Credits: guanatos

Lomography Color Tiger 110 film comes in a very tiny package, which is the standard 110 cartridge. It’s small size is amazing, it only measures 16mm in width, making it ultra portable (you can put it in your pocket) and the cameras you can use it in are equally small. This format comes in really handy, specially if you live by Golden Rule#1 as I do, when your motto is “Take your camera everywhere you go” the Lomography Color Tiger 110 is a great choice.

Credits: guanatos

Being a 200 ISO film, the Color Tiger loves light, specially sunlight and clear blue skies, I’ve found that the best results I’ve gotten with this film are around midday when the sun is way up high and the light is intense and well distributed.

Credits: guanatos

Each cartridge has 24 photos in a square format, on the back on the film (once loaded into the camera) you’ll be able to see a counter that indicates how many pictures you’ve taken. The quality is pretty nice even though it’s such a small negative, but as always, it will depend on a bunch of things like the lighting conditions, the lab and scanning.

Credits: guanatos

Here are some more test shots taken with the Diana Baby 110

Credits: guanatos

if you want more info on the Lomography Color Tiger 200 ISO 110 vist the 110 film microsite and check out some more shots here, here and here


Credits: guanatos

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    You've gotten some great results with the tiger 110!

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