Ilford Dia 200 - Singing the Blues

2013-04-30 4

Once I laid eyes on that offer on eBay I was instantly stunned. There was a slide film of Ilford. The British film producer came out with their own branded color transparencies? I made sure to win the bunch and tried the Ilford Dia 200 myself. One of the reasons I liked it is because it used the German name for slidefilm: Dia.

I mean, most of us are pretty much digging in the dirt of the past when it comes to photographic film. We only have an idea how the heydays of analogue photography were like, with full shelves, with hundreds of different kinds of emulsions. Now we are the keepers of an idea, and we are trying to keep it alive. And we are happy with what we have, and once in a while we will find a rare gem that makes our day.

To say it upfront, the sizzling excitement of a discovery beyond belief was not met with likewise results. The results are rather abstract, the pictures are grainy, and the contrast is low, and everything is blueish. And I have to say there is something with blue, most expired slide films have this tendency to go blue. But my explanation is, that just everything else, all the other colours vaporize, and the blue stays.

Credits: wil6ka

I might have been a bit disappointed about the results this time. But anyway, I would always do it again. I would always hunt films, that I have never heard of. And once in a while I will be treated with the little magic of incredible photographic results.

Credits: wil6ka

written by wil6ka on 2013-04-30 #gear #test #blue #expired #ilford #review #grainy #x-pro

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yay! More bluuuuue : )

  2. gizmonox
    gizmonox ·

    @wil6ka is it cross-processing or..? and I wonder the expiry date. mine was 1997 or 1998 and they came out black and red with cross-processing but they were shot indoors. so they were also so dark although I used some light sources. anyway I also had outdoor shots but my lab did not scan them due to an unfortunate oversight so I haven't seen how they came out yet. btw I have another roll and and I'll give it a try again :) do you think there will be a positive change if ISO setting is switched or is there no hope? lol.

  3. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Oh - i just on in a flickr-blog, that Ilford might used the solaris chrome from ferrania as their own slide film. another puzzle soved.…

  4. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Could you have used an orange filter?

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