Appropriately named after the Communist Youth organization “Komsomol,” this camera is one of the very first products created by the burgeoning Soviet photo industry.

It is also the very FIRST TLR camera created in the Soviet Union. Overall, it’s pretty much an exact copy of the original non-​focusing Voigtländer Brilliant, albeit with a few simplifications to the body design. It’s produced in Bakelite – a predecessor to modern-day plastics. Although the focusing Voigtländer Brilliant was released eight years earlier, the Komsomolets was modeled after the first Brilliant, so the taking and viewing lenses are not connected. As with the Brilliant, the Komsomolets has a small internal compartment for storing filters and supplementary lenses.

Technical Stats:

  • Produced 1946-1950 / Approximately 25,000 units
  • Central shutter with B, 1/25, 1/50. 1/100s
  • T-21 80/6.3 taking lens, 75/4.5 viewing lens
  • Film Format: 120
Credits: alex34

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