Lomography Color Negative 800: Hit and Miss

2013-04-29 1

Overall, the Lomography Color Negative 800 is a good film. Overall. You won’t get the colors of X-pro or the Sunset Strip, but still, that is not the reason why you should use the CN 800.

I loaded the Lomography CN 800 on my Diana Mini before going on a trip to Rome. I wanted to make sure I’d get some great, crisp colors, even at night.

To my surprise, it was incredibly sunny in Rome, and I was really afraid I would overexpose my day pictures. To some extent I was right. Some 3 or 4 pictures were rendered to completely useless squares. But some, due to over exposure gained this really yellowish, sepia style kind of look, which was a pleasant surprise.

I did somehow had trouble with focus where there shouldn’t be. Some pictures, taken in bright sun light under Normal conditions, come out quite blurry and unfocused. And I do have a steady hand.

But there are some really good qualities on this film. It does have a kind of washed out color, which I really do love. It also highlights greens, which is just perfect for the spring time.

I also had a pleasant surprise with my multiple exposures. When not overlapping pictures too bright, I came across some really good results.

Night shots looked really crisp and colorful too. It is really a fast film, capturing light signs about 2 meters away in almost complete darkness, with no flash and no long exposition.

Overall, it is a Hit and Miss film. Kind of a dangerous one too. Use it with caution.

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    Beautiful picture of the girl with flowers in her hair :)

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