Hong Yi Plays With Her Food


Malaysian Artist, Hong Yi, just finished her thirty-one day edible art challenge last week. She truly takes playing with your food to the next level. Keep reading to hear more about her amazing project!

Images by Hong Yi

Malaysian artist, Hong Yi, otherwise known as “Red”, is recognized for her large-scale thought-provoking installations, including a six-foot portraiture of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, “painted” with coffee cup stains.

Images by Hong Yi

Her most recent project was a thirty-one day challenge to create works of art with everyday food’s. Just last week, she finished her last piece with the same accuracy and creativity she did when she first started.

My favourite would have to be the goldfish consommé. I’m sure they were a feast for the eyes and the mouth as well! Be sure to check out her portfolio and her personal blog to keep up on her artistic adventures.

Images by Hong Yi

Maybe you guys could start up your own thirty-one day challenge to spark up some creativity?

How about everyday we post an object and you guys take a snap with your Lomography Cameras? I think that one’s a little too easy. What do you guys think?

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