Introducing Helmut: A Great New App For Scanning Your Negatives Using The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner


We have been having an awesome time scanning our old negatives using the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and just came across this great app called ‘Helmut’. It’s specifically designed for scanning film using your Android phone and is a perfect match for scanning your negatives together with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. Also, the LomoScanner App first test version is now readily available in the Google Play Market and we are working hard to improve it!

The Helmut App Works Great With The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Everyone loves scanning negatives – whether it’s from your personal archives from the golden age or freshly developed shots. And we recently found a great new app to help scanning your negatives using the Lomography Smartphone Scanner and Android phones. The Helmut Film Scanner App by CodeUnited. is specifically designed for scanning film. By pairing the app with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, you can easily convert your existing negative films into positives for sharing and uploading online.

Screenshots from the Helmut App

The LomoScanner App: Test Version Now available for Android Phones!

We know you’re really excited to digitize those old negatives dug from Nana’s storage chest, and we’re proud to announce that the very first version of the LomoScanner App for Android Phones is now online. We’d sincerely appreciate it if you’d give it a spin! We’re constantly working on improving the functionality and we’d love to hear your feedback on the app’s first run. What additional features would you love to have? What improvements on the current functions would you like to see? Hit us with a message in the comments section so we can try and accommodate them!

Whilst we’re busy improving the LomoScanner App for Android, we think the Helmut App does a very nice job at scanning your 35mm films together with the Smartphone Scanner in the meantime!

Photo by: sixsixty

written by kazarareta on 2013-04-24 #news #android #app #smartphone-scanner

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  1. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·

    Hi, I've been working with the lomoscanner app for the iPhone. It works very well. But I think there are a few features missing, for example:
    - Buttons to darken or enlighten the scan
    - While scanning a normal color negative film, the result has often a blue or green tone, which is very unnatural, because all of a sudden a normal color negative looks like an X-Pro Slide, if you know whatta mean ;) Maybe there are also buttons needed to find the right colours (inverted or not) to then finally scan it the way the user of the lomoscanner has it in mind. :)

    I hope this comment is a feedback for the android version of the app too :)

  2. jerryblack
    jerryblack ·

    the app is not good .i has trained with out good result, you get very weird color

  3. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    @rancliffhasenza thanks for the comment, we'll forward it to the app guys and see if this could be fixed :)

  4. vivientan
    vivientan ·

    I'm very disappointed with the results of the lomoscanner. Colours never turned out right & quality is bad. I'm not sure if that's the issue with the app or scanner. Is there any guide in your website on how to make it better?

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