Ordinary Wall, The Canvas Of Street Artists!


Has your attention ever been grabbed by interesting graffiti on the street? Can you imagine that plain and ordinary walls can act as an important medium for artists?

Credits: inotion

Graffiti shouldn’t sound strange to us since we can often find it in different street corners. Not only can it enhance the artistic atmosphere in the city, but it can also create another platform for artists to express their messages!

Credits: neurodiaz

What we often see are works from these street artists, but rarely do we have a chance to meet those artists. Are you curious to know who they are? Besides, artists normally won’t have a specific place to do graffiti. Do you want to enjoy all these amazing street art at one time? If you nod, a precious chance has just surfaced!

Credits: stonerfairy

Singapore Street Festival (SSF) 2013 is around the corner! Other than the Street Graffiti Showcase, various kinds of street performances will also take place such as the Street Dance and Magic shows. Let’s go and experience another side of Singapore!

Credits: inotion

Street artists do graffiti, Lomographers can do the Lomo wall! Either create one in your Lomo Home or print those pictures out and stick them on your room’s wall! Don’t hesitate to share all the impressive scenes in your city with our Community members!

This article is inspired by Singapore Street Festival

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