The Stories Within Pictures #15: The Swan Dream


Gorgeously beautiful and white creatures on the river, on the sea or lake. The swans. Who would not like to take pictures of them? My great collection of swan pictures inspired me to write another Penny’s story.

Credits: erikagrendel

Penny loves to take photos of animals. The dog of her best friend is endlessly chased for some new photos every time they meet. But birds…birds are something special for Penny. They are not so easy to catch, sometimes shy, sometimes nasty. They either fly away or try to bite you.

Credits: erikagrendel

One day she went out for another photowalk and did not know how, but she ended walking by the river, as almost always during her walkabouts. Seagulls were screaming and trying to catch some piece of bread from tourists. And there among them were also swans with their long necks stretched, posing for the photos for piece of bread or another threat. So she took out her Lubitel and shot the first picture, then another one and another one. Strangely, the swan in the viewfinder started to change. It became semi-transparent and then it disappeared. When Penny put away her camera, the swan was still there, but her viewfinder just could not see it, could not catch it. So she took out Diana and tried to take some photos with it. But the swans started to change in its viewfinder as well, disappearing, changing to water or to trees by the river.

Credits: erikagrendel

Walking home, Penny was still thinking about this strange experience. Even before falling asleep that night, she could not stop thinking about the swan’s fata morgana. Suddenly, her eyes were closed and she flied into her dreams. Swans dreams. She was flying on the white wings of her favorite swan. The one which was too shy for photos and disappeared from the viewfinder. And then the swan turn back to her and said:

“I am sorry, I think I was not ready for the photos then. But please come again.”

Photos and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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