Capture The Moment Competition: 18th May 2013 18:18:18 CET

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The essence of photography is about capturing those special moments, those instants where time stands still and an image is perfectly framed in front of your eyes. As Lomographers, we are especially in tune with these unique times in life. We love to forget the rules, ditch the viewfinder and snap those special times as they flash before our eyes. Well for this rumble, that’s exactly what we are you to do. In the month of May, we have picked 3 exact moments where we want Lomographers around the world to stop and take an analogue photo! And of course, we have some awesome prizes on offer for the best entries!

Credits: jeabzz

At exactly 18 seconds past 18 minutes past 18:00 CET time on 18th May, we are asking you to stop what you’re doing and take an analogue photo of life buzzing along beside you. We want to see what the weather is like in Bangladesh, the young mother pushing her pram down the sidewalk in Turin, the car passing your window in London, your brother eating his breakfast across the table from you in Paris; wherever you are and whatever is happening, join us in this magical project and take a photo on the 18th at 18:18:18 CET (that’s Vienna time). Don’t worry, we’ll be counting down to the moment on the website and on social media to remind you when the time is coming!

We are relying on your honesty here folks, since from the photos submitted to this competition, we want to create an exciting video summing up this very moment in time across the globe. So please only submit photos taken at this exact time to the competition!

Gallery Store Specials

We will also be celebrating this occasion in Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide. So join us for the fun at this special time! For all customers in stores at this exact moment, we’ll be offering some special surprises for people who join!

The Prizes

So what’s in it for you? (besides having the chance for your photo to be featured in a very cool video of course). Well we have some top-notch Piggy Point prizes to hand out for taking part. Not only we will we reward every entry with 5 Piggies to spend in the shop, we will also give 25 extra Piggies for our top 10 photo entries.

The Rules

  • Please only submit photos taken at exactly 18:18:18 on the 18th May 2013 – Please submit honestly!
  • You may submit only 1 photo only
  • The rumble will open at 18:18:18 on the 18th May and run until June 10th to give you time to get your special photo developed

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  1. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @tomas_bates please be careful here too!!! There are already 5 fake pics on 5! The people I start to think it's a little bit stupid!

  2. ophelia
    ophelia ·

    @cryboy Some of them deleted the date...So anyone can submit a picture, any picture, without a date? It's incredible!!

  3. ophelia
    ophelia ·

    "We are relying on your honesty here folks, since from the photos submitted to this competition, we want to create an exciting video summing up this very moment in time across the globe. So please only submit photos taken at this exact time to the competition!"

    Are you kidding us? You can't only believe. You have to check every single shot!

  4. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @cryboy - rest assured, we will automatically disqualify any entry submitted before the capture the moment time - @ophelia - we will check every shot, but at a certain level in does come down to trust - it would conceivably be possible for someone to shoot a photo at the wrong time/date, upload it and then tag it with the correct date for the competition; so thats what we are asking entrants not to do in the paragraph you pasted. Thanks for your concern about the integrity of the competition!

  5. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @tomas_bates thanks a lot from me and from Lomography fans community on fb ;)

  6. ophelia
    ophelia ·

    @tomas_bates Thanks dear for answering us!

  7. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @cryboy and @ophelia. I share your concerns, but it will be very hard to check every photo. I guess this happens with almost every contest, people trying to cheat their way in, but we must have faith most lomographers are honest and fair! That being said, I can assure you the 3 pics I entered on 13, 15 and 18 of May were shot at the exact right time ;-). The reason they were uploaded merely hours later is that I am addicted to developing fresh film asap! Lomo on!

  8. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    io non partecipo perché tanto vince @cryboy

  9. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @-dakota- ba ieccati!!! :P

  10. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·


  11. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    same view all three dates, i need to get out more lol

  12. daguet
    daguet ·

    can't wait to develop the film and surprise surprise :)

  13. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    enjoy! Comments welcome!

  14. kontrast
    kontrast ·

    Woah, i submitted before reading the rules. My photo wasn't taken at 18:18:18...... My mistake!

  15. robotto_dawad
    robotto_dawad ·


  16. dott_nero
    dott_nero ·


  17. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Piggies soon?

  18. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @deepfried_goodness - Yep! I will post here when they have been distributed, it should be done by end of this week for sure

  19. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    @tomas_bates Woohoo!

  20. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @all - we have now awarded Piggies out to people who took part :-)

  21. murielolo
    murielolo ·

    When will we be able to see our photos in this video? :)

  22. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @tomas_bates. Were there ever any winners announced for this rumble?

  23. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @sandravo - Thanks for following up on this - the winner selection has been made and the winner announcement should go online v soon! sorry for the delay on this

  24. callencoss
    callencoss ·

    I searched for the results but couldn't find them. Did I miss them? Thanks.

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