10 Days of Lomo LC-A Celebration with Jeepeng


What an awesome Lomo LC-A anniversary year 2009 has been and it’s not over yet! As a special community treat we have an awesome line up of interviews day after day until the big one. Now we have Jeepeng Chow, aka Jeepeng, revealing how the Lomo LC-A changed his life!

What an awesome Lomo LC-A anniversary year 2009 has been and it’s not over yet! As a special community treat we have an awesome line up of interviews day after day until the big one. Now we have Jeepeng Chow, aka Jeepeng, revealing how the Lomo LC-A changed his life!

1. When did you get your first Lomo LC-A or Lomo LC-A+?
19th June 2006, the Lomo LC-A was my 22 years birthday present from my father.

2. Tell us your greatest Lomographic experience with your LC-A or LC-A+ camera?
When my father gave me the LC-A camera, he told me this is not cheap stuff, make sure I will fully utilize it, and not treating it as a toy. Since then I bring it with me all the time, shooting pictures everyday, sharing pictures in the lomographyasia forum everyday, and I’ve met a group of cool people who are doing Lomography and we started to organize parties, exhibitions & outings, and my life has never been so busy, fun & colourful.

3. Which of the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography most applies to your shooting style and why?
“03 : LOMO does not interfere with YOUR LIFE, it’s part of it”

4. How would your life be different if you’d never discovered the LC-A or LC-A+?
I really care about the weather since I have my LC-A, I started to appreciate good weather, every morning(or afternoon) I woke up, the first thing I do is open the window and look up to the beautiful deep blue sky. And if it is a really good day, I would be very happy for the whole day and shooting with LC-A crazily, no matter driving, eating, working, walking or even in the toilet. And everything I see I would imagine how it looks like if I press the shutter button of my LC-A, if I found out that’s a beautiful shots I’ll run to get my LC-A and shoot it down before the lighting and the object is still there, like I said before – I’m getting busier: shoot, send to develop, scan the film, upload to Lomography.com, share with friend in my blog…

5. Here’s the scene: your somewhere in the world with your LC-A+, a sack of your favorite film, and your best friend in the whole world… where are you and why?
Taiping Lake Garden, Perak State, Malaysia. The Lake Garden of my hometown, Taiping is the greatest garden in the universe, I grew up there, I passed by there everyday, I had good & bad memories in every single trees in Lake Garden. But when I’ve discovered the LC-A I’m no longer staying in my hometown and I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures there, so I always like to bring friends to the Lake Garden, we can linger there for the whole day, shooting, sitting in the park, and even just laying on the green-fresh-smelling field.

6. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about getting an LC-A+ and is still a bit hesitant?
As a shop seller in the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai, I’m doing it all the time. I always tell my customers that getting a LOMO LC-A+ is the greatest choice in my life, and you will never regret. It’s unpredictable vignette and you-don’t-have-to-care-about automatic exposure, and it’s easy focusing distance & really compact size which allow you to shoot all the great moments in your life at anytime & anywhere.


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    Great Lomographer!! Congrats for the interview and the great gallery!! :)))

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    Waow Jeepeng what an insane gallery !!! You're a rock-star ! 8D

  3. stouf
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    And you're right ! Seeing life with lomo-eyes makes it more beautiful !!!

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    oh yes... amazing gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    amaziiiing! i love shot no 2!

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    congrats jeepeng.

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    cool gallery I'm your fan don't forget :))

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    Jeepeng! This guy is really insane about Lomography that I ever met... since after our college time. When he left us to Shanghai, I always wondered when are we going to meet up again for an outing, gathering, exhibition, Malaysia-trip & party! yeah... bro, when are we going to have beer again? Such a nice interview here.

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    Jeeping show time!! Fanstasy gallery!!

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    My inspiration! Chow Jee Peng!

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    Thanks for sharing your love of the LCA. Your gallery is awesome, I especially like the light & colour in #5 and the kitty in #8!

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