Event Highlights: 'FILM PHOTOGRAPHY DAY PARTY' at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore


After a whole month dedicated to analogue related activities, all of us here at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore celebrated the final day of the Analogue Month with none other than our first official FILM PHOTOGRAPHY DAY PARTY! Just in case you missed out on the fun, here are some photos that’ll do the story-telling for you!

Credits: lomographysg

T’was a night of flashy fun and laughter as our fellow analogue lovers began their night with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe and becoming their own bartenders as they created their own mojitos with our resident Film-ixologist Kenneth! We had an exhibition showcasing pictures captured by our LomoAmigos, during our very first LomoCaterpillar as well as during our workshops with Artistry, Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Ukelele Movement. Vinylicous Records was in the house playing us some head-bobbing beats throughout the night!

Credits: lomographysg

Wan from Ukelele Movement put up an amazing live performance of songs that we loved, that our audience began to sing along with him! After which, we played percussion on our Diana F+s and “Click, click, click, click!” with Wan’s lead!

Credits: lomographysg

The highlight of the night was none other than the TIC-TAC-STROBE game, which was a human tic-tac-toe and our players used various flashes to mark their presence in the dark!

Credits: lomographysg

Here are the results of our TIC-TAC-STROBE!

Credits: lomographysg

We had a ball of a time and we believe everyone else did too!

Were you at our flashy FILM PHOTOGRAPHY DAY PARTY too? Share your album links in the comment box – we wanna see your pics!

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