Meet Australian Based Photographer Mark Lobo


Mark Lobo is a talented photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia who has lived in many exciting places! Read on to get to know about his travels, what it’s like to photograph well-known individuals and his tips on how to take a great picture!

Hello Mark! In a few words, please introduce yourself.
Hi! I’m a photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia. I work professionally as a commercial and editorial photographer, and have a passion for photographing people, as well as vintage objects. I fulfill the latter through a side film project called Von Vintage.

Tell us about your first Lomography experience?
My first Lomography experience was probably with the Fisheye. Some of my favourite shots are from that camera. Getting up close and personal with some donkeys at a zoo gave me some great laughs.

You were born in Hong Kong, raised in Japan and Australia. How has your upbringing shaped you as a photographer?
My upbringing has really shaped the way I shoot today and has also influenced the reasons I shoot psychologically, quite often to document EVERYTHING. When I was growing up in Japan, I’d always have a disposable camera with me, and went through them like crazy. I’d bring them wherever I went and would capture everything that happened. This carried on into my high school and university years in Australia where I carried on shooting every university party that I went to.

Why is Australia such a unique place to live?
Australian’s have a great attitude when it comes to living a good life. Seeking a good lifestyle is actually one of the reasons I decided to become a photographer. The encouragement from the people around me to pursue my happiness was something I could not have done without.

Tell us a little bit about your BNE Project
My BNE project started out with my fascination for the Australian city of Brisbane. I used to live there and the creative community was very tight. I’d constantly think about how I was connected to someone and it would often turn out to be through several different avenues of friends. I really liked the way the community fit together so decided to create a photographic series based on referrals. My first subject would pick their inspiration in the city to be photographed and then that person would do the same, and so on.

Unfortunately, having too many side projects and moving to Melbourne has put a stop to that project. But I still love the idea. I may start it up again here.

You have shot quite a few well-known Aussies, is it ever intimidating?
I’ve never felt intimidated during a shoot with someone well known and they are actually always so professional and easy to work with. I do, however, make myself a bit nervous before hand by over preparing before a big shoot. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

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Could you give Lomographers three important tips to achieve a great image?
Don’t hesitate. If you think something would look good as a photograph, take it. It’s quite easy to question yourself for a little too long, before taking a photograph. And often, by the time we think to take a photograph, the moment has passed. So always having a camera close to you and not hesitating is pretty important.

Break the rules. There really are no rules in photography, only guides. Some of the best photographers are the ones that experiment and only through that, achieve something fresh.

Have fun. If you shoot what you love and enjoy it, you eventually become ridiculously good at doing what you love.

You recently shot for Von Vintage, why was this project important to you?
The Von Vintage project stems from wanting to document and preserve what I call the beautiful “keepsakes of the past”. I think photographing vintage objects on film cameras is the only way to really capture the essence of good vintage aesthetics and design.

Lastly, any advice to give aspiring photographers?
This goes back to my tip above, always shoot what you love.

Mark also shot an awesome video with the Lomokino entitled Phoot Camp 2012 ! Take a gander!!!

Thank you!!!

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