Lomographer for a Day: Turning cyeow an Analogue Shooter!


cyeow is a little bright colleague next to my desk whom I befriended during my internship. She was amazed by every single I showed her and could not wait to try it herself. I handed my precious La Sardina to her, and here comes an interview about her encounter with Lomograhy!

Credits: cyeow

Have you ever heard of Lomography before I introduced it to you?

Oh yeah, I followed a few Tumblr blogs which features analogue pictures. But this is the first time I have ever tried using a lomography camera to shoot. I was quite intrigued by the fact that there are still people using film cameras in this digital age. Last month, a colleague, who happens to be you (an_lai_drew) brought a LC-A+ to the office and showed it to me.

Credits: cyeow

How was the experience?

At first, I didn’t use the camera much as I could not bear to waste exposures, knowing that I can’t delete them. I wanted to make sure that every shot was framed properly before I took it. However, after using it for a while, I realized that taking pictures on the spur of the moment makes everything more exciting because we won’t know what we’ve taken until we’ve processed the film! Looking at my results, there are a lot of areas for experimentation and I hope that I can improve next time!

Credits: cyeow

What lomography feature attracts you the most? / What is the best part of lomography?

You can’t delete pictures! Once it’s taken… there’s no turning back!!

Can you describe lomography in five words?

It’s nothing short of awesome!

Share the most memorable/you like most photo you have taken?

Probably the first photo I took of my friend with multiple exposures. It turned out quite unexpectedly nice!

Credits: cyeow

If you were a professional photographer, who would be your model?

A&F topless MODELS!!! Because they are oh-so-hot!!!

Credits: cyeow

Would you continue shooting analogue? Is there a camera in your bucket list now?

Yes! In fact, I have already ordered a La Sardina online and it’s on the way to me right now! I can’t wait to use it! Besides this, I would also want to get a Fisheye in the future.

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