Malaysian Spring: Plant for Change


Architect, Ng Seksan, launches a campaign to plant 28 million flowers all around Malaysia? What could he be up to? Find out after the jump!

Credits: lihooi

Ng Seksan, started a movement called, Malaysian Spring, to spread the idea of hope and change for a better Malaysia in order to help people get involved and get in touch with their democratic power.

Credits: ah_sher

And, just in time for Spring, their modus operandi involves planting flowers in community spaces all around Malaysia. Why flowers? The Malaysian Spring website states, “It’s a simple and small gesture. A peaceful act and it brings beauty into our streets and neighborhood.”.

This inspirational project has surfaced all around Malaysia with a over 30,000 flowers planted for Malaysian Spring.

You can take part in just three easy steps.

Join in the movement now and be sure to capture the moment with your favourite Lomography Cameras! We want to see how Malaysia takes this journey and joins together for a better Malaysia.

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