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Every year, there is a great fun fair in my city, Como, in the period between the third week of March and the second week of April. There are many carousels and stalls and entertainment for all ages. Even this year, I took some photos of this public event, in a solo photowalk, tasting some of my preferred rides.

I love the fun fairs, especially the adrenaline-pumping and high-speed carousels! Even this year, I took some photos of the great fun fair in Como, a city situated near the border with Switzerland, in the North of Italy.

Como is a touristic town on a wonderful lake, and every year, for more than 30 years, the municipality organizes a great fun fair in the period of March – April. The place is a square near the sports center of the city; around it there are a swimming pool, a stadium for athletics, a small rugby stadium, a sport palace for gymnastic, basket and judo. In this way, many young people can combine sports activity with fun rides on the carousels!

Credits: sirio174

I used a Lomo LC-Wide for the first time, experimenting some wide angle views, together with a classic SLR camera: my trusty Praktica, equipped with a 50mm and a 105mm lens.

This is the beginning of my photowalk, when I entered in the fun fair:

Few steps and I was under the most exciting carousel, the X-danger.

I took on this great ride a month ago, when it was in Milan; and I have now repeated it in Como. This wonderful carousel has a height of 25 meters, and an acceleration of 4.5g. The looping was made of random trajectories (because there are three rotation axis, and the one that pass between the chair is not motorized, so the chairs are moving freely in the air). This gave a strong negative and positive acceleration and an incredible weight change sensations.

Credits: sirio174

On the right side of the last image, there is another adrenaline-pumping game, the “Delirium”. With two rotation axis, a free fall movement (like a free pendulum) and an acceleration of 4g, you can experiment here the sensation of “zero gravity”, a levitation on the chair! On the left side of this photo, you can see a classic ride, an high speed rotating carousel, called “Cotton Club”.

Credits: sirio174

Some tips about riding these adrenaline rides: if you want to get the maximum sense of freedom, and enjoy them fully, you should take off your socks and shoes, and ride it barefoot.

Credits: sirio174

There are two reasons for this: first of all, riding barefoot allows you to enjoy the freedom of flying in the sky at high speed. The second and most important reason to take off your shoes, is that you get rid of unnecessary weight. Remember that the acceleration is around 4g, and then a pair of shoes that normally weigh around 500 grams acquire an apparent weight of about 2 kg during the maximum speed of rotation of the carousel!

Credits: sirio174

Another tip is to keep your hands up, without clinging to the seat anchor system. In this way you’ll feel like you’re levitating in the sky, and you’ll feel as free as a bird!

Credits: sirio174

There are many reasons that lead me to photograph the amusement parks: on the one hand, I love the details of the rides and of the stalls, and on the other hand, I try to convey a bit of fun and happiness showing you some smiling and playing people.

In this case, I used three different lenses because I want to show you both the dimension of the carousels, their height and movement, together with a close up about people riding them.

I love to take photos of every public event I go to (like this one). I love to immortalize moments of friendship and happiness. This is my little contribution; to share with you some smiles, some funny moments, and to send a message of universal friendship all over the world.

Credits: sirio174

All these photos were taken using two Ilford FP4+ film rolls, loaded into the two cameras, and developed in Ilfosol 3, a fine grain developer well-suited for low speed films like this one!

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