Bake Your Film in the Oven

2013-05-03 3

I also wanted to try pitivier06’s tipster and the result is baked-pale toned photographs!

Credits: nural

I read the article written by pitivier06 in 2009 “Roast Your Film” and translated by ayse'nin. I tried this easy-to-do tipster immediately after I read it.

pitivier06 tells that you should bake the film in a 50 degree oven for 10 minutes. But I baked the film 100 degree for 10 minutes, because my oven hasn’t got a setting. For this experiment I used Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO film. After I took it out of the oven, the wheel in the middle of the film was a little bit damaged but when I put it in to my LC-A+ worked fine.

Baked film shows extremely pale tones as opposed to regular fresh films. The vivacious red nostalgic tram in Taksim turned into a pale and faint red color with this baked film!

Credits: nural

The Galata Bridge turned into a sweeter blue tone. Fishermen look lighter through this experiment.

Credits: nural

It had been so long I couldn’t find this kind of opportunity to do experiments, so I was very excited by the results. Besides, there is no excuse not to do this experiment because it’s so easy! I definitely recommend it!

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translated by coconutcorbasi


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    It seems you too, like to live dangerously.

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    wow! really really interesting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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