3 Best Korean LC-A Anniversary Community Partys 2009

Three groups of Lomo Korean community held their unique LC-A 25th anniversary party in Seoul!

2009 was the LC-A 25th anniversary year!

3 groups of local Lomographers were gathered at the 3 different spots of Seoul in a very different style for celebrating the LC-A 25th anniversary! Some used the LC-A already for 10 years and some are just beginners but all of them have common passion to the Lomography!

1 group ‘ASH’ is people who love Analogue camera & love to take pics. All of this community had a special costume like nurse & doctor, 70’s, elvis even harry potter for having fun! Their very impressive party shots are here!

2 group ‘Lomodoo’ means ‘Lomo+Together’! They made a very cute big panel looks like LC-A camera for this party! Best item for the LC-A party! Their party was held in a cafe where young Korean generation loves to go with hand-made ‘LC-A’ cake & mini ‘25’ Lomowall lol Here are their unforgettable moment!

The last group is ‘World through the Lomo’. Their party was not just for the LC-A 25th birthday but also for their health!! Run,dance,throw..etc. LC-A party items were given to the winners in the end! Healthy It was the LC-A community party

Enjoy this lovely gallery and have fun with LC-A/LC-A+!!

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