Lomography Magazine Times: December Extravaganza

Time for our monthly Lomography Magazine recap – check out what you might have missed out on this cool December!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the low down on all the Lomographic community happenings!

Lomography’s Gallery Store in Berlin Opens

Let the good times roll as December marks the opening of the Berlin Gallery Store, the 11th in the world! The opening was welcomed with great music, LC-A cakes and special German sausages!

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The Vienna Lomography Team Goes Linz!

The Vienna Lomography team took a short break from all the hustle and bustle to Austrian city Linz – take a peek at the staff’s cultural journey to museums and other historical places!

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Musings with Nicole Bogatitus of New York Embassy

This issue, we take a look at Lomography’s Gallery store in the city of inspiring bright lights, New York! Take a visual tour and learn insights from our Big Apple analogue resident Nicole Bogatitus!

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We Love B-Shutter Workshop in Seoul

Our colleagues from the Seoul Gallery Store recently held a B-Shutter workshop in celebration of the long exposure function of various Lomographic cameras. Check out their lightpainting gallery!

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What Lomography is…for Russians

5.jpg Our friends from the Lomographic Embassy in Russia took some time to shoot a special two-minute video on what Lomography is for them, with shots taken from a 4-hour analogue shooting spree.

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Spotlight LomoAmigo: Neil Gaiman

‘The strangest shots are often the strongest’, fantasy author extraordinaire Neil Gaiman tells us. Check out his interview and find out about his new fondness with the LOMO LC-A+.

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Spotlight Accessory: LOMO LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens

obungen takes the LOMO LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens on a vacation and has never parted ways with it since! Check out his review on this hot accessory to further extend your LOMO LC-A+’s field-of-view!

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Spotlight Location: Jacques Cartier Bridge

Join cheesegirl as she takes a bike ride over the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Quebec, Canada. With its inception dating back to the early 1920s, this bridge packs more than just crossing a river!

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Spotlight Film Review: Kodak HIE Infrared (35mm, 25iso)

Check out this issue’s spotlight Film Review and breathtaking gallery by specialblewah of this special Infrared film that came out with a luscious old-school grain effect!

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Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

With the holiday spirit still lingering, the LomoStaff grants our rumble heads a special gift as we announce our latest winner lists!

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Mattcharnock’s The Importance of Lomography

It takes a brave soul to bare all of his fears and secrets, and community veteran mattcharnock shares to us the importance of Lomography to his life – a very inspiring read!

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LOMOnsters Attack the LSI Postbox

You’ve probably saw boredbone’s cute and quirky photo invaders, and we just received a great treat of more Lomonsters in our inbox to celebrate the LOMO LC-A’s 25th Anniversary.

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