Pinhole Passion: My DIY Pinhole Camera

2013-04-19 1

At first it was very basic, but this year my pinhole camera got some new features. Here’s the history of my home-made camera.

I made it three years ago using just cardboard and tape. I painted cardboard pieces black to minimize the chance of light leaks. Then, I taped the camera body together. I used lots of black tape so there would not be any light leaks. I made a pinhole from soda cam with regular needle. Shutter system was really basic sliding door. Other features were a tripod mount, film pressure plate and rewind knob.

This year I decided to make things better. First, I had to do some general fixing; the tripod thread was loose and rewind knob was missing. The second thing I wanted was a mechanical shutter instead of manual. I used this tutorial to make mine. Third new thing is a new pinhole. I wasn’t happy with my self-made one, so I decided to buy one from eBay. I chose 0.3 mm pinhole, but I should have taken the 0.2 mm for sharper results. I must say I’m little disappointed to my photos…I think it needs vignetting. Have to think a way to do it.

Here’s the updated version of my camera with new “paint job.” F-number is f113 and the focal length is 34 mm.

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  1. okuko
    okuko ·

    hey there, thanks for linking to my shutter tutorial. great little camera!

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