Anjo, My Nephew: Lomographer for a Day


When my nephew asked me if he can borrow one of my analogue cameras for his Boracay trip, he turned out to be a very promising lomographer, even for just a day.

Most youngsters do not even realize that just 2 decades ago, analogue is the convention in photography. Whenever I get the chance, I always try to encourage others to shoot film, especially to those younger than me. So when an opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it at once.

My nephew knew that I shoot film as a hobby. Last year, he told me that he was scheduled to go to Boracay, a popular beach destination here in the Philippines, with his girlfriend and her family. He asked me if he can borrow any of my film cameras. I said yes immediately, of course. I thought about which of my cameras to lend him. He does not have much background in using analogue cameras with advanced features to I decided to give him a simple, yet very capable, point and shoot: the Vivitar UWS.

I gave him a few tips and some general suggestions on how to use the camera. I also gave him 2 rolls of film: Lucky 200, and Lomography X-Pro 100. He gave me the 2 exposed rolls as soon as he got back from his trip. I had it developed and scanned, and I was amazed with the results! Turns out, he was a natural! We normally have get frustrated over our first few rolls, but his came out as though he has been doing it for a while now.

I basically told him to use it when the sun is up. No sun, no shoot.

He even captured some awesome flares!

I also suggested him to take sunset photos. Have a look at these gorgeous shots!

My Vivitar UWS is modified to take multiple exposures; and told him to try it. Check this out! Like a pro!

I did not tell him, but he even took a photo of the plane’s wing. Classic lomography subject!

Finally, using the Vivitar UWS would not be complete without his finger being caught in the frame, despite me reminders.

I have always felt that I have a great impact in my nephew. He took the same major in college as mine. He learned to listen to the Beatles because of me. He even learned to play the guitar as I do. I hope that he would eventually shoot more in analogue. Should he need a camera and film again, he is more than welcome to use my stash and be a lomographer for a day, or even for a lifetime.

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