Fisheye One with Fisheye Viewfinder

2013-05-02 2

This is a little trick which is very easy and useful to have. This is how to have your Fisheye One camera fitted with a fisheye viewfinder that allows you a better view of the picture you are gonna take.

I have several Lomo cameras and the Fisheye One is my favorite of them all. It was the first one I got, I’ve never had any problem with it and it always takes the whole film (sometimes even 38 of a 36 film!). Three years since have passed and it is still perfectly fine.

Recently, I was looking for accessories for cameras on the Internet, and I found this fisheye viewfinder for Holga cameras in case you have the proper lens. This viewfinder was designed to be placed in the flash shoe.

The Fisheye One’s viewfinder is very limited, it can be used only to have an approximate idea of where you are shooting. I know it’s very fun to take a picture from the hip or without looking and wait to develop your film to see the result, but I prefer to know how my picture will look like. Specially with the Fisheye, sometimes you imagine the picture and then it is completely different (sometimes this is fun).

Seeing all this, I thought it would be interesting to buy this viewfinder and put it into my Fisheye One. It was very easy, the bottom part is flat as the top part of the Fisheye One, so you just need a very good contact glue.
My final advice is to sand the base of the viewfinder a couple of times so it is a little rough and sticks better.
This is the final result:

I hope this was useful!

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  1. lolafries
    lolafries ·

    thanks! im gonna do it!

  2. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I have been thinking about doing this with mine for ages and I even have a red viewfinder to go with my Hello Kitty Fisheye One, but I haven't had the balls yet.
    Yours actually looks way cooler than the official fisheye viewfinder!

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