Lomography Spring Into Shape Campaign: Like Lifting

2013-04-30 3

It’s Day Two of our Spring into Shape Campaign, and we’re confident that you’ll like our next challenge! The task — like 250 more photos on the site. Doing so will advance you to the next round, as well as earn yourself more Piggies in the process!

Credits: ophelia

Day Two: Like Lifting – Like 250 Photos

This challenge runs from 12 PM CET April 30th until 12 PM CET May 1st

For the second day of our marathon, the challenge is to ‘Like’ 250 photos on the Lomography Site to earn 4 Piggy Points to spend in the shop. Being the biggest repository of analogue photographs in the web, we’re sure that you’ll quickly ‘like’ your way up to 250 in no time. We’d like to ask you guys to ‘Like’ photos that you actually like, of course! Please choose the Lomographs that really speak to you, and touch you in the best of ways. The challenge ends on May 1st, 12 PM CET.

How to ‘Like’ a Photo

Liking a photo in the Photo section is ridiculously simple and takes about a nanosecond (well, maybe a little more). Just click on the ‘I Like this photo’ button below a snap to like it. If you’re looking for a couple more speedy approaches, you can also click the ‘Like and next’ button above a photo or use the shortcut key ‘L’ on your keyboard to also ‘Like and next’ (hit ‘R’ if you just want to skip to the next one, no like given). If you are looking for guaranteed good photos, take a trip to the Selected Photos Page and you’ll find tons! Good luck everyone!

Don’t have a LomoHome yet? No problem, register here to begin your Lomography journey!

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  1. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    please take a look to my newest albums, and only if you truly like... give me some likes! :-)

  2. gugaeo
    gugaeo ·

    done -it was hard and it took so much time

  3. ping-junior
    ping-junior ·


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