Superheroes Take Over Classic Album Covers!

2013-04-21 3

In celebration of Record Store Day, here are six classic album covers reinterpreted by comic book superheroes! With Robins as The Ramones, Marvel ladies as Spice Girls and more, these record sleeves sure pack a lot of punch!

Photos via BuzzFeed

Just like some eargasmic music remixes, don’t you just love it when a couple of your favourite things are mashed-up together? Imagine your favourite band or album cover, then imagine your favourite comic or artist. Put them together and what do you get? Some highly-imaginative and action-themed record sleeves!

Created by various multimedia artists as a tribute to awesome music and rad visuals, these reimagined album covers are a great way to celebrate national Record Store Day! Check out the photos to see Robin as the Ramones, Batgirl as Prince, X-Men’s ladies as the Spice Girls, Teen Titans as the more contemporary and, of course, a league of characters in several interpretations of albums by The Beatles. Proof that music really makes people come together!

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  1. atch
    atch ·

    This is hilarious xD

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    love it!

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