Today is Record Store Day!

2013-04-20 1

That’s right, vinyl-loving folks, today is a day of celebration for all the fans of music in analogue form! Whether this occasion is already familiar or totally new to you, we know you’d like to find out more about it anyway, so go ahead and read on!

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Listen up, ladies and gents! Today happens to be the third Saturday of April, and for music fans around the world, it’s that much anticipated day to celebrate Record Store Day. According to the annual event’s official website, this tradition started in 2007 during a gathering of independent record store owners and employees, with the intention of celebrating and spreading the word about the unique culture of music in analogue form.

This is also an event record fans look forward to for the special vinyl and CD releases as well as promotional products made and released exclusively for this day. Did that tickle the fancy of your analogue-loving side? Find out if there’s a participating record store in your area right here!

We imagine you’d very much want to celebrate the occasion by heading to your favorite record stores today to maybe pick up a new vinyl or two to add in your collection. Since we’re at it, you might want to listen to yesterday’s Put Your Headphones On Fridays mix or, head over to the Vinyl Havens articles submitted in the Locations section to see if there’s a new record store you might want to visit!

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