Redscale Made Easy, Smena Style

2013-05-01 2

A quick, simple and easy way to load your Smena 8M, the redscale way!

Fed up with having to fumble about in the dark unrolling and respooling your 35mm films to go redscale?

No dark rooms, no folding, no unrolling, no worries!

This is the guide to redscale in the Smena 8M.

Ever noticed that your Smena 8M has a removable take up spool? Well, it does! And what’s better, you can put it on the other side! Meaning you can put the film in where the spool was! Giving you a loaded camera that will shoot the film the redscale way! Hoorah!

So, here we go:

Step 1: Remove spool from right-hand side of camera.

Step2: Put spool in the left-hand socket.

Step 3: Put film in the right hand side (it will only fit one way).

Step 4: Pull the film leader and attach it to the spool using a bit of tape (you’ll need to do this for later on)

Step 5: Shut the camera.

Step 6: Unroll the film in the same way as you would re-spool a normal film when it is used up. Now all the film is around the spool. (push the shutter button and twist the retracting wheel)

Step 7: Shoot and advance the film like you normally would! (there is a bit of extra tension, but all is well!)

When the film is finished it will all be inside the canister, so no need to unwind. However the film will have rolled back into the canister in reverse, so don’t take it all the way in, otherwise you will never get it out again, even with a film leader retriever! The best thing to do is to put it back in the camera the normal way, and then reshoot, SHOOT BOTH SIDES!! (You don’t have to, but why wouldn’t you???) Or just advance and rewind like normal to get it back in the right way around!

That’s it!


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  1. gatokinetik-o
    gatokinetik-o ·

    great tipster!

  2. tak_nie
    tak_nie ·

    Some time ago, I shoot diy redscale film just like this and forgot that I used previously exposed film so I shoot both sides! Really cool results BUT now I have huge problem with scanning. Any ideas how to scan it?

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