Analogue Ambassador: Glyn Chan, Ukulele Movement & Her LomoKino


“I am inspired by how the simplicity of the LomoKino can create boundless possibilities, just like the myraid of music the ukulele – a simple 4-string instrument can make. Going analogue makes me realise and appreciate that the simplest things in life bring the greatest joy.” Glyn Chan, Ukulele Movement

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?
My partner Simon and I started UKULELE MOVEMENT in 2009 to create awareness and interest for the ukulele. We have a humble shop in Singapore and online retailing ukuleles and ukulele books and accessories. Besides playing the ukulele, I like adventure, music, photography and travelling.

The Lazy Song (covered by The Ukuleles)

Recommend us the most analogue activity to do.
Send a hand-made card to an old friend by post to his/her home address.

Do you think Ukulele and LomoKino can be married?
Haha, yes indeed. The ukulele makes one of the best musical accompaniment for a LomoKino movie with its pure sound. And the LomoKino makes one helluva good music video for the ukulele! These are probably the 2 things I must bring when I travel now.

Describe the LomoKino in five words.
I’m in love with it!

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?
It’s quick, it’s fuss-free, it’s incredibly simple, and it’s so much fun. If I can only have 1 Lomo camera it would be the LomoKino.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?
I think I missed a few shots because I didn’t realise that the crank wasn’t properly engaged when I turned it and those turned out to be the most crucial part of the video (the closing part which obviously you won’t get to see it in this video because it wasn’t captured), silly me!

If you could shoot any person alive or dead (or imaginary) with your LomoKino, who would it be and why?
Audrey Hepburn. Besides being a film and fashion icon, she is also a humanitarian with an amazing personality and I simply admire her.
What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind? Who/what would you like to shoot next?
We’re going on a holiday to Phuket in May and I wanna make a travel mtv with the LomoKino. I’m also planning to make a series of ukulele clips next and someday, I’ll make a horror short film :)

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be?
I’ve already used a song for my video which is The Lazy Song (covered by The Ukuleles) *See above for video.

The other two choices would be Love Love Love by Of Monsters & Men and You and I by Sophie Madeleine.

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