Hey, It's the Sun: Shooting Any Sky with the Canon AE-1

2013-04-28 2

This will work with any camera with variable aperture, but here are some tips (some learned the hard way) on how to shoot on those blazingly sunny, blue sky days.

Even the brightest of days can be made darker.

Like many fellow Lomographers, I like to get the Sun right in my shots. And the more lens flares, the better. But if you have a camera with all of those fun F-stops, don’t be afraid to go right after the Sun and get some really cool, moody, impossible looking shots!

This might just be my favourite one of my photos!

I use the built-in light meter on my Canon AE-1 as a guide, but when it tells me to go for something like an F22 setting, I tend to ignore it, going down a couple of settings, letting in a bit more light. The photo at the very top is one where I paid attention to the light meter, the one above I didn’t. Both are cool in their own respects, but don’t worry about following it to the letter. Most settings, aside from the very lowest, will make something cool!

Credits: kevinhodur

So go after that Sun, find those impossibly dark cobalt skies, and see what comes out. Own the sky!

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    cool! always looking for something cool to do with the ae-1.

  2. beblo
    beblo ·

    May I suggest that you follow the built-in light meter of your Canon AE-1 on the first shot then, follow it up with your own settings. That is, for every odd number frame, follow the light meter. And for every even number frame, use your own settings. This way, you will learn a lot from a single roll of film. Finally, give specific instructions to the photoshop to: develop the photos "as-is" and "no corrections".

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