The Diana+ 38mm Lens: Let's go Super Wide!!!


I was getting tired of my Diana F+ getting straightforward photos. The 75mm can be exciting, but if you’re thinking of stretching your photos to some limits, then let the 38mm super-wide lens enter your life.

Last six months ago, I bought a new Diana F+ so to really enjoy the fun with this monster camera, I bought along a super wide 38mm lens. I was thinking of buying a fisheye lens but my instincts told me to purchase the wide one: it can be fun, useful, and can include that little puppy in the corner of your photo. 38mm lens, that’s semi-equivalent to your 32mm Lomo LC-A! That’s quite a stretch, I hope!

Shooting with a super wide lens can be quite challenging. Along with the package comes the viewfinder, but I REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THE VIEWFINDER. Yeah, I attach it on top of the camera, take pictures but most often times, the head is cropped, etc. So what I do since this lens is wide, I place the camera in front of my face and assume that the subject in front of me can be included.

Perhaps for another trial/error stuff, when I took some crazy pictures with friends whilst holding the camera (self portraits, one hand style), I can see myself in the lens (it acts like a mirror). So be sure to see yourself there because if you’re missing, then say goodbye to your pictures.

I really enjoyed the super wide lens. It really is super wide. Not to mention when you take square photos over the medium format film, the edges of the photograph stretch. It’s a nice lens. And you can use it in any format: 35mm, 120mm, Fuji Instax. Yes, all of them gives you a stretchy way of life with this Diana F+ Super Wide 38mm Lens!

written by ethermoon on 2010-08-07 #gear #review #accessory #super-wide-lens #diana-f #super-wide-38mm-lens #user-review

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Finally this review can be seen! :)) And yes, this super wide lens is great, perhaps my favorite diana lens! I shoot more often with it than with the original one... And for the viewfinder, well, be sure that the subject you want to catch is in the middle of the view frame, but as for any wide lens, you're right, you just need to point the lens in the good direction... As the 38mm viewfinder is a bit above the lens you need perhaps (for close shots) to make your own little parallax correction....

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