A Slice of Analogue Life


You usually just throw them away after using but film canisters have feelings too! Check out boredbone’s latest series of quirky illustration-Lomograph mash-ups!

They’re the ones who care for our beloved films. They protect them and keep them safe. But after we get the film, we throw the canisters away. The canister suddenly becomes a worthless piece of plastic that is environmentally unfriendly and needed to be disposed of properly.

I know I am guilty of doing this before but now I think their life shouldn’t end in the trash.
So I keep them and make stories out of them. Here’s some of their stories for you to look at. Enjoy!

written by boredbone on 2009-01-08 #news #boredbone #a-slice-of-analog-life #canister-characters


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    hahahaha fun !

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    haha thats so nice!

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    i had some good chuckles at this! very funny :)

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    hahaha more!!

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    nice one. hahaha!

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    very funny!!:)

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    damn good! :))

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