Solo Photowalk Routes: Antwerp City Centre

I love analogue and I love history. So what better way to pass the first sunny days of the year than to take my cameras for a photowalk trough the historic centre of Antwerp.

The beautiful city of Antwerp is located right on the river Scheldt. The city owes its entire existence to this river, which runs like a vein past its very centre. Antwerp is a very busy town and finding a place to leave your car can be troublesome. So I usually opt to leave my car on the left bank and start my photowalk there. Luckely, the old 572m long pedestrian tunnel that connects the left bank to the historic centre is one of the best lomo-locations around!

Pedestrian tunnel, constructed in 1931.

Once you get above ground you are right where you want to be, at the very hart of the city. The gorgeous cathedral is a very rewarding subject to photograph and the perfect scene to practice your splitzer skills!

Cathedral in pink.
Splitzer fun resulting in lomo-madness!

The old guild houses surrounding City Square are another of my favorite scenes to shoot. Even upside down, they look amazing!

In the middle of the square, you’ll find the statue of Brabo and the slain giant. There are a lot of stories going around as to how the city got its name. But my personal favorite is the following:

Centuries ago, there was a giant called Druon Antigoon, who charged hefty fees to every boat wanting to sail the river. From those who couldn’t pay, the giant would cut of their hand and throw it in the river. This barbaric custom went on until a brave soul came along, called Brabo. Brabo somehow managed to slay the giant, cut of his hand and throw it in the river. Hence the name Antwerpen or hand-werpen, which means “throwing-hand”.

From City Square, you can walk north, south, east or west, no matter which way you go you’ll run into the next beautiful building before turning the corner!

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