Spring Break Getaways: Short Flight to the Turkish Sun


If you want to take that well-deserved break and actually spend it relaxing and enjoying in the sun, you better play safe and head southwards. Only a 3-hour flight from Brussels, the beautiful Turkish coast is the perfect choice for a spring break getaway!

Springtime in Belgium is a difficult time. It could be dry, but then it’s usually very cold. Or it could be a bit warmer, but that normally comes with rain. So if you want to spend your spring break in the sun, you need to pack your bags and hop on a plane down south.

Leaving by plane from Brussels, there are a lot of places within reach, but somehow, we often ended up spending a week on the Turkish coast. Over the years, we stayed in lots of different places, each with their own attractions. Two things they all have in common though: awesome beaches and a bustling nightlife! What more do you need?!

White cotton castle in Pamukkale.

Wherever we were staying, we usually didn’t have to go far to explore new grounds. After a few days of partying, it is a welcome change to go visit a waterfall, marvel at the naturally beauty of the cotton castle in Pamukkale, or be amazed by the burning mountain in Phaselis, the result of natural gas emissions from beneath the earth’s crust.

Natural gasses escaping from underneath the earths crust.
Plenty of waterfalls!

There are also plenty of historic sites from ancient times, waiting to be explored. Some of them are little more than rubble and broken pillars, but other sites are truly impressive. The amphitheatre of Aspendos is almost completely intact (and in much better shape than Rome’s Colosseum) and the famous library in Ephesus is simply amazing.

Ephesus and its famous library.
Lots of historic sites to explore, such as Perge and Aspendos near Antalya.

In short, the Turkish coast is great destination to go for a spring break. You get beach, parties, nature and culture all wrapped up in one, and most importantly: you get sun! Enjoy!

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