Joancutest: Lomographer for a Day then, Now a Lomographer for Life!

I lent my Holga TLR camera loaded with a Fuji Neopan Acros 100 and Actionsampler loaded with Fuji Superia 200 to a my friend, teammate, colleague, Joan, and turned her into a Lomographer for a day. Look what she’s done! Let us all welcome her to the colorful and exciting world of Lomography!

When I found out that my friend will have a company outing to Osaka, Japan. I immediately grabbed the opportunity to introduce her to the analogue world. I lent her not only one but two cameras—my Holga TLR and my ActionSampler. I taught her how to use the cameras and instructed her to just shoot whatever she likes. I also explained that the Actionsampler shots would be “doubled” by me here in the Philippines. She didn’t understand the concept of multi-exposure at first that I had to explain the step by step procedure of rewinding and using the same film. She was amazed and instantly got excited to finish the roll. My earlier goal was to have doubles in Japan but it wouldn’t be fair if she wont fully appreciate her own shots. So, I had to lend her another camera, my Holga TLR.

Read my interview below:

Mie: How long since you had shot an analogue film roll?
Joan: “It was actually my first time to use a film camera.”

Mie: How would you describe the experience in five words?
Joan: “Five words won’t be enough.”

Mie: Which picture, out of all you took, you like the best, and why?
Joan: “My favorite was the black and white shot I candidly took when we went at a public park. There where two old women having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree. It was a rare moment.”

Mie: If you could teleport to any part of the world with this camera and lots of film,
which would it be and why?

Joan: “I’d love to travel and go backpacking around Brazil. These is one of the countries that Filipinos can visit without a tourist Visa.”

Mie: *Anything you’d like to say to me for lending you my lomo babies?"
Joan: “I want to thank you and hate you at the same time because I know, like you, this is not just going to be a hobby but will be a way of life. It will be addicting. I know myself, I will buy what I want. I’ve seen your great photos and I’m happy with the results of my film too. So most likely, in the next few months I’ll get to have my own set of cameras and continuously buy films.”

Here are her first ever film shots:

Credits: bluemie5

Here are few shots of our doubles:

Credits: bluemie5

Welcome her to the community by visiting her newly created lomohome: joancutest (Yes, she has a Fisheye 2 named Brutus now!). Certified Lomographer not only for a day but for life!

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