10 Days of Lomo LC-A Celebration with Scootiepye


What an awesome Lomo LC-A anniversary year 2009 has been and it’s not over yet! As a special community treat we have got an awesome line up of interviews day after day until the big one. We introduce you to Helen Newcastle aka Scootiepye, one of the most popular Lomographers to grace the community!

What an awesome Lomo LC-A anniversary year 2009 has been and it’s not over yet! As a special community treat we have got an awesome line up of interviews day after day until the big one. We introduce you to Helen Newcastle aka Scootiepye, one of the most popular Lomographers to grace the community!

1. When did you get your first Lomo LC-A or Lomo LC-A+?
I got my first LC-A back in 2001 from Hong Kong. I already had a yellow super sampler which I was totally thrilled with and wanted to give the LCA a go, I had seen and read so much about this camera, it looked totally rad and I was super keen to get one in my hands! This all came happily together on this particular trip. So I looked for it on the Internet and found it was being sold from a department store pretty near to my Hotel, so one early morning I ventured out and bought myself one. However being so excited I didn’t bother to read the instructions duh, so I loaded the batteries in the wrong way – erm oops! *note to self – take the time to read first! That was my first lesson to learn! My first LC-A+ on the other hand was a prototype unit – I was lucky enough to be a tester for this camera and it was super exciting and great fun to try the new features out! My very first rolls to be shot with the LC-A+ you can see in the Lomo Amigo’s section here.

2. Tell us your greatest Lomographic experience with your LC-A or LC-A+ camera?
To be honest every experience is like that for me with both of these cameras! I am still excited to see the images back from the Lab each and every time I shoot – and always there are some images developed from each film roll that I really love to bits. Those I consider to be the greatest are more linked to the situation I found myself in that made things stand out more – for example the Lomographic congress trip back in 2004 to China, my first trip to NYC and Sydney to see my family, visiting my friends in London and Vienna, various Lomographic meet ups . The images themselves in whatever daily and sometimes mundane circumstance’s culminate in the greatest Lomographic experience overall.

3. Which of the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography most applies to your shooting style and why?
’Don’t think’ is the rule that most applies to myself and to my lomographic style of shooting I feel, as I don’t think when shooting images – it’s very much a part of my day to day life, an extension of myself , if you like – I know that may sound like a cliche but it really does feel like that – the LC-A is for me a memory recorder, and makes images in a random snapshot way as I come across them , in much the same way as as you recall memories in bit parts with some details standing out. You don’t think when you make memories although you are more aware at times that some times in your life that the moment will make a good memory. The LC-A is just so very perfect for this.

4. How would your life be different if you’d never discovered the LC-A or LC-A+?

Great Question – Stumped for an answer,well sort of anyways as I can’t really imagine my life without this camera! I feel very much as though shooting with the LC-A was a truly life changing event for me in so many ways. I made new friends, travelled the world, went back to hand processing in the darkroom – using Lomographic cameras really opened my eyes to a unique and new way of seeing things – I’m a traditionally trained photographer and I loved the process and techniques involved with that, the LC-A took me in a new direction and to a creative step further – it’s hard to put it into words, but it’s an experimental adventure I highly recommend.

5. Here’s the scene: your somewhere in the world with your LC-A+, a sack of your favorite film, and your best friend in the whole world… where are you and why?
Now that question made me smile! I love to shoot all over the world, but NYC holds a special place in my heart, and I always look forward to being there. I plan another trip to NYC as it so happens along with my best friend Janet, and yes I will have a bag brim full of my favorite films – which will include Agfa CT Precisa iso 100, Tura 100, Agfa RSX2, and I really like the new Lomographic redscale and slide films, so I always shoot a lot using Lomo film, and not because I have to , because I choose to as I get some amazing results & basically whatever else I can get my hands on tp try out. I love to mess with new films and cameras at any given opportunity.

6. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about getting an LC-A+ and is still not sure?
Take the leap, it’s a thrill to shoot with the LC-A+, give yourself the opportunity to see and experience the world in an entirely new way. You become part of the International Lomographic family with the opportunity to share your passion in person or via your Lomohome, this is a unique set up. The art and history of shooting using film is in your hands. Experience this creative and connective tool and find out for yourself and simply open your mind to the endless possibilities. Hype is one thing – go and find out for yourself is my advise. It’s a heap of fun and has that element of experimental adventure – if you fancy a slice of that then this is perfect for you, Step on into our Lomographic world and join us!.



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