The Art of Recycling: Memories Turned Into Magnets

2013-04-22 3

A little trick to make our pictures really unique, and original!

If you are an host in our house, maybe you would struggle to find the refrigerator: it is completely covered with magnets from all over the world with a lots of images that are memories of trips made by us or by our friends.
So … why not transform our travel photos (or our preferred ones) into magnets?

You need:

  • Empty cartridges of instax mini
  • Caps of plastic bottles, thick foam, or any other object to give thickness
  • snapshots
  • magnets
  • glue

First of all: you must insert the picture into the empty cartridge.

Then we put the layer of foam (or other material that create thickness) on the back of the cartridge, to hold the photo firm (I used two pieces of foam).

In this way you have created a frame for your snapshots.

To get a photo-magnet, just stick a magnet on the back of the cartridge. I used a drop of Super Glue, the magnet and …


This can be also used as an original gift to your friends. Good luck to all. See you all next tipster!

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translated by sirio174


  1. lavale1974
    lavale1974 ·

    Thanks @sirio174 for traslate :-)

  2. foreverjoyful
    foreverjoyful ·

    what camera did you use to shoot the instax photos?

  3. lavale1974
    lavale1974 ·

    Diana F instant back!!!!

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