Get Close: Taking a Dip with the Lomography Fisheye One Nautic


The Fisheye One Nautic’s happy sea theme gets you closer to the water, but remember to also get close to your subject while shooting with this fun little toy!

alburnkat: “Duh?”

The Fisheye One Nautic is a shiny new paint job on the tried and true Fisheye One. Since I live right next to hundreds of miles of lake shore, the theme seemed perfect for me. I have a Fisheye lens for my Canon AE-1 Program, and I thought maybe that was the right way to shoot.

The Ice Patrol golf cart-like thing, from only about a foot away

But once I developed my first roll with the Nautic last night, I quickly learned that I can get as tight as I want on my subject. Each of the signs up above were from about a foot away, and there’s still plenty of room to get tighter.

Stupid snow! I couldn’t get any closer!

When you’re several feet away from a smaller subject, it can almost get lost in the center of your shot. Don’t be afraid to get REALLY close to your subject! Your pictures will thank you for it!

Hey, why is the bottom right always dark?

The only real issue with the flash is that the lens gets in the way a bit. I tend to shoot on blazingly sunny days, so normally that won’t be a problem for me. But trying it out, well, this probably won’t be my party camera in the dark. Methinks the Sprocket Rocket or Diana F+ will keep that job.

Direct sun? No problem!

Those direct sun shots, though, were no big deal. I was nervous that this camera didn’t have any kind of variable aperture setting, the way my SR and F+ do. But the Nautic took it all in stride.

Sunsets will be a regular function for my Nautic.

Lower light without the flash looked pretty nice, especially in sunset situations. A few other shots, on a grey, foggy day, looked rather grainy, and there was no way to adjust the camera for that. The bulb mode on the Fisheye 2 would have been handy here, but I don’t own that one (yet).

It’s well worth paying up for the Nautic.

The verdict? This is a small camera, easily a pocket camera, and yet the results are fun and fresh, and I find myself looking at my surroundings differently to take advantage of these awesome, circular shots. A great camera for a day out with friends or family, though the flash limitations might not make it the best night friend.

I’ll be happily floating along with my Nautic this summer, though. A great addition to my camera shelf.

Credits: kevinhodur
Credits: kevinhodur
Credits: kevinhodur

written by kevinhodur on 2013-04-22 #gear #35mm #review #close-up #fisheye #nautic

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