My First Professional Photoshoot with An Pierlé


On April 8th, singer-songwriter An Pierlé of Belgium allowed me to take photos of her during her soundcheck at the Ghent’s hermitage in Lille for her new album entitled Strange Days. Take a look at the photos I took for my first professional shoot after the jump!

So it was an opportunity not to be missed. An Pierlé gave me a chance for a memorable photo session. Armed with my LC-A Russia Day, my Zenit 412, and a ton of film, I traveled to this magical place to try to share this strange music made by ​​this beautiful woman from Ghent.

First, we discussed our personal projects and got to know the place. The entrance to the hall was a chapel that An really liked, and it was there that we began this photoshoot session.

Then came the time of soundcheck where An and her technicians checked the place and the atmosphere it generates. This promised a magnificent concert in the evening (and indeed, it was). During this session, I wanted to get in with the ambiance of the new album.

I also chose this artist because I am committed to reward real music on real instruments, as we do, we Lomographers with our analog camera. An’s music also falls in correlation with my work on dreams — do not forget that some great surrealist artists came from her country (Magritte and Delvaux)!

I invite you to discover this magical artist: An Pierlé, through her new album.

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    singing in fantasy forest~

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    Congratulations @jaybees80

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    I was so impressed with your picture that I had to listen to her music.
    Thank you for letting me know such a great artist;feature=you…

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