View Photos From The George Eastman House Collection Via Google Art Project


It’s a given that every passionate photographer would aspire to look at some of the earliest and most historic photographs in existence. And where else can one see such great display aside from the great George Eastman House?

The George Eastman House is the oldest museum and archive dedicated to photography. It is located in Rochester, New York, around the house and gardens of George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company and father of popular photography and motion picture film.

And now, it seems that you wouldn’t need to splurge for a flight to New York just to get a glimpse of their collection, thanks to the Google Art Project.

Because earlier this month, the musuem has announced that they have joined the cause – the first photography museum to do so – and made high-resolution copies of photographs from their unique and historic archive available to the public, as well as data and information not previously available online.

“The initial group of 50 Eastman House photographs on Google Art Project spans the 1840s through the late 20th century and a wide variety of photographic processes from the 174 years of the medium’s existence are represented. The variety of subjects featured include Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King Jr., the first train wreck ever photographed, the Lincoln conspirators, the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx in the 1850s, and a portrait of photo pioneer Daguerre. "

You can view the George Eastman House gallery on Google Art Project here.

You can also view more of their collection over at Flickr.

Some information from this article taken from the George Eastman House website.

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