How to Keep the MX and HF/FF-S Buttons on Your LC-A+ or LC-Wide Accessible.

2013-04-19 3

You may have noticed that mounting your LC-A+ or LC-Wide on a tripod causes a big problem: the MX and HF/FF-S buttons are no longer accessible. The same happens when you attach Fritz the Blitz using the adapter kit. But don’t despair, read on for a quick fix!

Bottom of LC-A+ and LC-Wide.

Both the LC-A+ and the LC-Wide have functional buttons on the bottom plate. The LC-A+ has a MX button for multiple exposures, and the LC-Wide has an additional HF/FF-S switch to select picture format. The problem is that when you mount either camera on a tripod, these buttons get blocked.

Buttons get blocked, even with the smallest QR-plate available.

In most situations losing either of these functional buttons is not an option, especially the MX lever. If you want to keep them accessible while mounting the camera on a tripod, all you have to do is use the appropriate adapter.

The same problem occurs when attaching Fritz the Blitz to the LC-A+ or LC-Wide. The bracket needed to attach Fritz covers the entire bottom plate of your camera, thus blocking all buttons.

Buttons get blocked by the Fritz flash bracket.

Using the adapter nut lets you pair Fritz with your favorite camera, all the while leaving the bottom accessible.

LC-Wide with Fritz the Blitz.
LC-A+ with Fritz the Blitz.

There you go!

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    yuhuuu awesome! exactly what I have wondering about. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. thierri
    thierri ·

    On the LC A+, what does the little button under the MX one do?
    Yeah, I love pressing buttons but I have no idea what this one does, so I'm afraid to use it.

  3. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @thierri The only button on the LC-A+ besides the MX is the rewind button. You need to push that small button when you rewind your film, or you will break the winding mechanism.

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