All the Better to See You: A review of the Diana F+ Glow


I have six Lomography cameras now, and the Diana was the one I saw being the least useful. This little toy wonder has very quickly become my favourite, though. Not sure if a Diana is for you? Maybe I can help.

Credits: kevinhodur

What’s with the name? That was my first thought with the Diana F+. I was unfamiliar with the iconic toy camera of the 60’s, so I first pictured some kind of faux fabulous Princess Diana tribute. Or something. What I didn’t expect was to find a whole new realm of photography, one that is immediately approachable and, more than anything comfortable.

Go explore the neighbourhood!

I had never used 120 film prior to the Diana. Had never really heard of it, in fact. Some research enlightened me: it was the 35mm of its day, a kind of film that was approachable for amateurs. Alright, but what about loading this stuff? And with no sprocket holes? What?

Turns out it’s really simple, especially with the Diana. Flip the switch on the bottom, slide the back cover down, and voila, you’re into its guts. Break the seal on that roll of film, and get the tapered end fed through the empty reel. You’re ready to go.

Spring colours are amazing when cross-processed with the Diana.


I have large hands with skinny fingers. Piano hands if you will, even though I’ve never played the instrument. Perfect for a keyboard. Good thing since I’m a writer and all. This camera feels wonderful in my hands, better than any other one I own (except maybe the Spinner 360, but that’s a whole different ballgame). It’s lightweight, reliable, and just so comfortable. I get more looks for this camera, too.

Light leaks? Yep. This is a camera for spontaneity, not perfection. But dang is it ever a good friend to have out on a sunny day or a clear night.

The world bursts to life through this lens!

Why the Glow?

What? Why not?!? Things that glow in the dark are pretty rad, right? And since I tend to be a bit of a creature of the night, I thought the Glow model of the Diana F+ was perfect. Don’t be fooled by the yellow colour on the Shop website. It’s much more that yellow-green phosphorescent colour that is emblematic of all things glow-in-the-dark. The white portion has little glowing stars on it, too. A shame that they aren’t included on the flash!

Also awesome: the coloured gels for the flash. You get a packet of what comes with the Coloursplash for the Diana’s flash. Far too much fun to be had mixing up your colours!

I love the Diana so much, I’m saving up nickels and Piggies to buy two more, with dedicated alternate lenses on each of them. It’s such a great grab-and-go camera, why wouldn’t I?

It might take a try or two to get the aim right, but you’ll get it!

Recommended if you like: Things that glow, things that are awesome, a lightweight camera, dreamy images, life.

written by kevinhodur on 2013-04-19 #gear #medium-format #120 #review #glow #f #diana

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