Jump With Your Analogue Cameras!

2013-04-12 2

I feel happy and excited when I view all those “jump” photos by our beloved lomographers. Why do I like those photos? The reason is simple: because I can feel their happiness and their great moments wherever they are. I guess, this is one of the great things about photo sharing. Share your happiness with others through photographs!

I would like to say that analogue cameras easily capture a perfect jump moment. How does one do that? You just have to concentrate in the jump movement through your viewfinder and click the shutter immediately once you judge that the JUMP is great. I practice this way all the time and it shows great result most of the time.

Ready… JUMP!

Credits: yokekei

Summertime? Let’s go swimming, we can’t wait to soak in the cool water. JUMP!

Credits: vicuna, lomodustin, sprofishgel & lucretia

JUMP in a great day. We love blue sky and green field. We love the fresh air and we love sunny days.

Credits: boredbone, adi_totp, dudizm, laiba & ihatelomo

Yeah, snowing during winter! The cold temperature cannot not stop us from jumping.

Credits: aguillem, kdm315, welland, arty-arta & stinketier

Please show us your greatest JUMP pose. Freestyle JUMP show time.

Credits: yokekei, weihsuan, blueskyandhardrock, harrietgreen, ali55 & eva_eva

One jump is just not enough; let our lomographers show you more! JUMP-in-action with multi-lens camera!

Credits: coca, vickling, yokekei, maxwellmaxen & alexroarsatlyons

Is long exposure jump possible? Yes, everything is possible to our beloved lomographers.

Credits: disdis & ccwu

Cute pets want to jump too. Seriously very funny pets!

Credits: earlybird, emilios & mateja

Are you excited while viewing all these photos as well? Are you ready to JUMP with us?

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  1. 134340
    134340 ·

    i laugh the last part. :)

  2. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    @134340 you mean the pets? haha :D

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