Happy Birthday Señor Cellphone!


Today, we celebrate the cellphone’s 40th birthday! We’ve come a long way from brick-sized cellphones to our magical touch-screen gadgets we have today! Let’s look back at the analogue roots of our dear friend, the cellphone.

Credits: jezzyjung

Forty years ago, in downtown Manhattan, the first phone call was made by Martin Cooper. His weapon of choice was his Motorola DynaTAC cellphone prototype. In a matter of twenty minutes, the phone battery was drained. You don’t see that happening to our analogue buddies, like our Lomography Cameras.

Image from Repubblica

The Motorola DynaTAC weight over one kilo which made your 20-minute phone calls quite the work out. Thankfully, it never made it to the market. A decade later, the Motorola 8000X was released after being deemed safe enough to use without interfering airplane signals.

Can you guess how much it costed back then? About, $4,000USD.

Credits: life_on_mars

But, you know what? The first camera hit the market in 1889 and was pre-loaded with film for 100 exposures. Almost a century later, we were graced with the original Lomo Kompakt Automat, otherwise known as the Lomo LC-A.

This little gadget has come with us into the 21st century and has brought to us amazing other analogue critters, such as, the La Sardina Cameras, Belair Cameras and, most recently, the LomoKino.

Stay true to your roots Lomographers. The Future is Analogue.

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