Test Drive: Sunny Fruit Juice Camera

2013-04-17 12

This time I was lucky to try out quite an extraordinary camera – Sunny Fruit Juice Camera 35mm. This little queen of covert cameras is truly a spy’s dream, and even Agent 007’s sophisticated gadgets pale in comparison.

Sunny Fruit Juice is a camera released by Fuuvi , a Japanese brand which manufactures different kinds of amazing gadgets.
They offer a great variety of designs for this camera, you can choose the “carton” with your favourite juice or even milk!

Technical specs:

  • Format: 35mm
  • Lens: Plastic 27mm F9.5
  • Shutter speed: 1/100
  • Focus: 1m – ∞
  • Size: 100×64×34mm
  • Weight: 76g

Even though the manufacturer claims that this camera’s focal length is 27mm, in fact it’s only about 21-23 mm. While shooting the test roll, I didn’t realise the lens was much wider, so after developing I discovered that some pictures had images of my fingers in the corners. After that, I had to keep an eye on my own hands and hold the camera more carefully. You can’t really trust the viewfinder either: the fact that the final photo will fit in more space should be taken into account.

Credits: zakuson

The camera is exceptionally easy to use: you only need to load a film roll and immediately start shooting! It has absolutely no settings. Unfortunately, it has no multiple exposure function either, but I think that a person with skillful hands will be able to transform this simple camera into a MX-wonder. Or you can just reload the same film and start shooting again.

Credits: zakuson

Sunny Fruit Juice totally deserves its name: this toy camera was undoubtedly created for great sunny weather and cross-process. And if you shoot so that the lens directly face the sun, you will get an excellent lens flare effect on your pictures.

Credits: zakuson

Another advantage of this camera is it’s low price. To sum up, Sunny Fruit Juice is an inexpensive and very interesting camera, which always surprises you with its great results.

written by zakuson on 2013-04-17 #gear #fun #review #russia #sunny-fruit-juice-camera
translated by azikad


  1. zakuson
    zakuson ·

    @azikad thanks for the translation

  2. zakuson
    zakuson ·

    @azikad точнее, спасибо :))

  3. bunnyears
    bunnyears ·

    Beautiful pictures! I have a juice box camera too, it's been collecting dust for two years now... definitely time to take it out! I absolutely agree on the fact that it need a sunny day and a slide film, I gotta try to get some light flare too - those in your pictures are amazing! Lovely, lovely photos!

  4. zakuson
    zakuson ·

    @bunnyears thanks :)

  5. photodoto
    photodoto ·

    Really unusual camera. Am I wrong: photos seem to me not sharp enough?

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·


  7. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Great pictures! Fun cameras :)

  8. zakuson
    zakuson ·

    @ihave2pillows thanks :)

  9. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    I have the milkbox version of this but was disappointed with the test roll so I haven't used it since then. Now I wanna try it out again! Must be great for playing with little kids as I'm sure they're attracted to how the camera looks ;)

  10. zakuson
    zakuson ·

    @denisesanjose Good luck

  11. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    so cute this cams.. i want one loong time.. but never bought it.. but when i see this great results!!!

  12. olomon
    olomon ·

    Can anyone tell me how to use the film counter?

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