The LOMO LC-A+ Customisation Competition: Think Fast!


What are you doing there just slacking off? You could be designing the next face of the LOMO LC-A and win a trip to the Lomography HQ! Hurry up now. Time’s a wasting!

From cutesy animals, hypnotic patterns and even sound amplifiers, the submissions in our LOMO LC-A+ Customisation Competition represent the great diversity of talent in the community today.

Whether you’re a simple student, an artist or a corporate drone, we would love to see your own designs for our beloved LC-A camera. But don’t dillydally too much as there’s only about a month left for submitting your own design! What do you get for your troubles you ask? Well, aside from worldwide fame you’ll win yourself a 3-day trip to the Lomography HQ in Vienna!

Things don’t stop there as there’s plenty in store for you! So get moving and check out all the details in our original post and submit asap! Good luck!

written by cruzron on 2009-12-22 #news #design #competition #vienna #reminder #lomo #lomo-lc-a #lomo-lca

One Comment

  1. mariasur
    mariasur ·

    Any one knows when will we know which projects won?

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