A Walk in the Park with Me, Myself and My Favorite Cameras


Sometimes, when it is a nice day and I need a rest from my never-ending pile of things I need to do, I will go down to the park at the back of my apartment building for a stroll by myself with a couple of cameras in hand. I’m extremely lucky to live right near such a beautiful park that I am able to walk in to rejuvenate, as well as get a little exercise.

I lived in London,Ontario, for a year before returning home to Australia for six months. But even though I did like London, it isn’t what most people would call a ‘destination city’; in fact as soon as anyone heard my accent, they would ask why I was living here. But just like many Aussies with wanderlust before me, the answer was love. I was sad to leave this new place we called home.

After being home in Australia for six months, I was excited when I found out that we would be returning to London — my boyfriend got into a PHD program at the University of Western Ontario (studying was the main reason that most people our age move to the city).

We were lucky to get an apartment in a lesser-known building which nearby this amazing park, Gibbons Park. It runs alongside the river Thames (you guessed it, named after the one in the London that we all know and love) and has everything from a splash pad for the kids in the summer, to amazing wildlife — I’ve seen hundreds of squirrels (not uncommon for London), many Canadian Geese and ducks, as well as that one time I happened to see a turtle, and on another occasion, a beaver!

Going for walks together or alone in this park is a really nice experience and with the seasons ever changing, it is really great photographically. On this particular walk, I believe it was on the onset of the Canadian winter and I just loved capturing the changing colours of the fall season.

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