Lomo LC-A Festivity Competitions Ending Soon!


To celebrate the Lomo LC-A’s 25th Anniversary, we launched a series of competitions, and they’re coming to a close! If you still want to join in these special contests, take note of our deadlines and act fast!

Whew! Time flew by so fast, eh? It was just a few snapshots ago when we all celebrated the birth of the mighty Lomo LC-A, our favourite compact camera! In honour of its 25th anniversary we prepared a series of fun activities, parties, and contests for you to take part in. As promised, the birthday celebration ends at the end of the year, and … hey! 2009 is nearly over! Have a look at our competitions that you might want to join in at the last-minute:

The LC-A 25th Anniversary Postcard Project

Create postcards out of your Lomographs by customising it with illustrations, special messages, and other personal touches! We’re doing this the old-skool way (snail mail, baby!) so click here to find more info and where to send your postcards to.

The LC-A 25th Anniversary Year Daily Photo Diary

Your life as seen through the colour-bursting, beady eye of the Lomo LC-A’s Minitar lens! The clock is ticking so you better hurry up and document your daily life with the Lomo LC-A (as if we need to tell you that!).

The LC-A Anniversary Guestbook Flips Open

Be part of the gigantic Lomo LC-A Anniversary Guestbook. Download the template here and have the page signed by your friends at your party! … Party? What party? Oh, it’s not yet too late for this one -

LC-A Birthday Action-Community Parties

You have a few more days to throw the coolest party in honour of the Lomo LC-A’s 25th year! Head over to this link to find more detailed information.

All Year LC-A BIrthday Video Action

Your party pictures will come in handy if you’re in the mood to create your own Lomo LC-A video message! Check out this video in honour of the Lomo LC-A, as created by LINGDUM :)

So there ya go, folks! Let’s end the year with a nice Lomo LC-A celebration, shall we?

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    Are you able to tell us if you got our party Ideas?

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