Lomography Day Trips: Istanbul, Turkey


For this week’s Lomography Day Trip, let us take a quick tour in the land where East meets West, and the city known throughout history: Istanbul, Turkey!

Throughout the centuries, Istanbul has played a great part in the history of civilization — having served as the capital of four ancient empires; and given its strategic location between Europe and Asia, a part of the historic Silk Road.

Photos by factotumdelonghi

If you’re fairly new, you can start off your adventure over at Taksim Square, located at the heart of the city. Back in the day, it was the point where the main water lines connected and branched off to other areas, but in more recent times, it has become a district famous for its restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Photos by nural and azurblue

From there, you could walk through Istiklal Avenue, board the Tunel, one of the world’s oldest underground metro systems, and take a short ride to Beyoglu district

Photos by noiway

…or to a much more historic part of the city like Eminonu, where you can visit the exotic Spice Bazaar.

Photo by fehmicango

On the other hand, for those who have a particular interest in photographing architectural wonders, then you might enjoy going out for a lomowalk over at Istabul’s “skyscraper district”, Maslak

Photo by sadmafioso

…or take photos of the historic mosques such as the Blue Mosque.

Photos by noiway

But if your interests are more for down-to-earth and natural, perhaps you’d enjoy spending a quiet afternoon over Gulhane Parki (roughly translated as Rosehouse Park).

Got any other spots to highlight in this beautiful city? Share them below, or better yet, submit them to the magazine!

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